Why protect Australia's spirit?


• Australian Rock Art sites provide unique insight into extinct species, climate change, Indigenous knowledge, culture contact, spirituality, history and relationships to land


• A fully resourced research centre and national register-archive is needed to bring together diverse forms of information about Rock Art sites, to focus research and to plan for the future management and conservation of sites – to help preserve this priceless aspect of Australian heritage for future generations


• Otherwise, Rock Art research, conservation and management will continue in an uncoordinated and ad hoc manner

• Indigenous communities, governments and industry will not have a central point of contact to seek advice for the conservation of Rock Art sites


• Huge amounts of information already collected will be lost


• There will be no central repository where Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians can access information about Australia’s Rock Art heritage


• Millions of dollars spent documenting sites over the past 60 years will be wasted because of the pace of technological change


• Rock Art sites will continue to disappear due to ignorance 


• Sites, areas and regions will not be adequately documented


•  Australia will be behind South Africa, Kenya, China, India, France, Spain and many other countries in terms of managing its Rock Art heritage.  It’s like being at the bottom of a sporting league




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