Where and when will it happen?


The register and digital archive will be a joint initiative between Griffith University's Place, Evolution and Rock Art Heritage Unit (PERAHU), the Australian National University’s Rock Art Research Centre (RARC) and the University of Western Australia's Centre for Rock Art Studies (CRAS). On 8 October 2011, key members of these organisations formed a Working Group to establish The National Institute for Rock Art Research (NIRAR), Australia's first such institution.


It will have strong links with Indigenous communities, museums and other universities.  Collaborative fieldwork between Aboriginal Australians, archaeologists and other scientists will take place across Australia.


Funding is being sought.  NIRAR will be grounded in collaboration with Indigenous partners.  We also seek suitable stae and federal government partners, industry and corporate partners and partnerships with professional agencies.


When will it happen?
It can happen now with your help.  You can create your own legacy by helping to protect Australia’s.




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