What is the problem?


 Within 50 years half of Australia’s Rock Art could be gone forever


• Within 10 years thousands of precious sites could be damaged forever


• To say we have a problem that is massive is a complete understatement


• We’re talking about destroying Australia’s spirit on a massive scale


• There isn’t even a list of our Rock Art sites


• Some Rock Art that is over 15,000 years old could be gone tomorrow if we do not act now




Natural impacts

  • Water flow/rain (e.g. changes)
  • Dust & wind
  • Fire & smoke
  • Flacking/cracking
  • Structural collapse
  • Vegetation growth/rubbing
  • Lichen/algal growth
  • Mineralisation (salt/calcification)
  • Insects (termites) and animals
  • Direct sunlight (changes in vegetation)
  • Earthquakes, storms


Cultural impacts

  • Industry (mining and other industrial & urban development)
  • Creation of new roads/tracks
  • Graffiti (kids, frustrated teenagers, ignorant adults!)
  • Theft (removal of art or other cultural material)
  • Unwanted visitation and vandalism
  • Rubbish
  • Tourism (e.g. touching, inappropriate infrastructure)
  • Researchers (rock art recorders, archaeologists excavating, etc.)
  • Well-meaning conservation specialists (e.g. poorly placed drip lines)


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